Computer Setup

Sometimes a new computer has features or software settings that you are not used to. Setup is the entire process of connecting and preparing software programs, hardware devices, or computers so that they work properly. A home computer setup is as simple as one of your computers and your ISP's router. You can also set it up so that files can be shared between home computers.

How to set up new computer?

  • Before setting up a new computer, back up all data on a CD, DVD, external hard drive, or flash drive to transfer it to the new computer.
  • Make sure that you not only get obvious data (such as documents, images and financial data), but also your address book, email settings, favorites / bookmarks etc. Remember that you can back up data, but not programs. Therefore, collect the installation CD to reinstall the programs.
  • Write down your email settings and configurations
  • Do not connect printers, scanners, cameras, and especially the Internet until later, before setting up a new PC.
  • After opening the new desktop, you must first control panel-> programs and functions. Remove any trial software that you do not want to purchase. Also remove unused internet provider software.
  • Now go back to "Software" and uninstall the test security software that came with your computer.
  • Set up your email program and account.
  • Follow the instructions to install peripheral devices (scanners, printers, etc.)
  • Install all necessary programs on the new system
  • Transfer data from your backup location.
  • Strongly consider downloading Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and using it as your main browser.
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