Software Install or Uninstall

When software install or uninstall, most of us rightly do this every time. Most consumers install software programs through the installer they download. From there, follow the on-screen steps to install the program. When you are finished, you can use the program immediately. When uninstalling the program, many users choose to uninstall using the uninstaller they installed when they first used the problematic program. This uninstallation program is usually located in the folder in the program's start menu. Every Windows user should know how to install and uninstall software.

Install and uninstall softwares in Windows

When installing software under Windows, you must pay attention to security. Just because you download certain content from the Internet does not guarantee its security. Before starting the installation, scan the content downloaded with the selected antivirus. After deletion you can start the installation cycle. Depending on your Windows security settings, you will be asked to start the process each time you install new software. This ensures that you have downloaded the file from a reputable source.

These are basic steps to install software on your pc:

  • Click on the start menu and enter "Software Center" in the search field.
  • Click on the displayed "Software Center".
  • In the software center, search for the name of the software you want to install.
  • Click the name of the software you want to install, and then click the "Install" button
  • Make sure that the program is closed and all work is saved.
  • When the computer prompts you to log off, let it run.

Uninstall the software

To uninstall the software you have installed, go to the Software Center, locate the software you want to remove and click the "Uninstall" button.

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