Printer Setup

The printer is one of the easiest devices to set up and configure. With some printers, you can set up the printer simply by connecting it to a PC and an AC adapter. You have to install and update printer software and drivers for your computer. You can diagnose and fix problems that your wireless printer setup may encounter. Printers differ widely in settings, orientation, and driver requirements like Canon, HP, Epson, Lenovo, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Chromebook. They all have different features and setups.

How to Install Printer to Computer?

These are basic new printer setup steps:

  • Click the Start button, and then click Devices and Printers in the Start menu.
  • Click Add Printer.
  • In the Add Printer Wizard, click Add Local Printer.
  • On the Select Printer Port page, make sure that the Use an existing port button and the recommended printer port are selected, and then click next.
  • On the Install Printer Driver page, select the printer manufacturer and model.
  • If your printer is not listed, click Windows Update and wait for Windows to look for other drivers.
  • If no CD is available and you have an installation CD, click Have Disk and navigate to the folder where the printer driver is located.
  • Follow the other steps in the wizard, and then click Finish.
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