Computer Tune-up

For computers, tune-up refers to improving the performance of the computer through multiple processes. These processes can include deleting temporary files, uninstalling computer programs, fixing computer errors, and cleaning up the registry.

What does a computer tune up do?

When you tune up the computer, you delete the useless files and programs that block the system. This will automatically make your computer run faster, since you don't have to load a lot of unused data.

How do I tune up my desktop?

This is the basic list of tune up your desktop:

  • Back up data.
  • Run all software and operating system updates.
  • Check the hard drive for errors / check performance.
  • Use an antivirus tool or suite to run a full malware scan.
  • Delete unnecessary files (this step is much more complicated than it sounds)
  • Uninstall any unused or unwanted programs
  • Defragmentation (unless you have a solid state drive, don't defragment)
  • Save again

How much is a computer tune up?

The starting price of tune up your computer is usually granted with three licenses per purchase, which means you can install the software on three PCs. If you have more than three computers in your household that you want to upgrade, buying a license can cost a lot of money.

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