Data Back-up or Transfer

There have been many problems on the computer that can cause damage. This leads to the loss of data and required information, for example. This issue can affect whether the organization loses data or information. The work is interrupted and financial losses are incurred. To protect your data from hackers or natural disasters, you should therefore create a backup. During the backup, the data acquisition of the object is copied from the "primary" memory to the "secondary" memory in order to restore it in the event of an error

The sequel is recovery, and this process is called on failure or other request to return the contents of the collection to main storage. To be useful for recovery, the source data image must remain in a consistent state throughout the backup process. The copy should provide a non-volatile access point. In addition, data objects can have many copies or recovery points. The cause of the error can be a logical, physical, accidental or deliberate result that causes the original data to be lost or no longer accessible. The main memory is usually a hard disk. The additional storage is usually a magnetic tape that is often referred to as removable media because it can be easily transported to the replacement location.

Encryption of backups

It is the option of providing additional security for all backups by encrypting backup media and files.

Automatic backup

Automatic backups give you data security and can prepare you for unexpected data loss due to a hard drive or storage media failure due to static electricity or voltage spikes, accidental deletion or a system crash. They help you to restore important data.

Backup Software Configuration

Regardless of whether you're using Windows or Mac, you can set up and configure the operating system's built-in backup solution, such as Windows Backup or Apple Time Machine

Keep the files organized

The service ensures that all backed up and transferred data keeps the original folder structure in its previous location.

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